As a child I fell in love with the French fairy tale "The White Cat". I was fascinated by gifts the white cat gave, which were housed in a nesting series of smaller and smaller nutshells. The magic of this unveiling has not diminished for me, and as a metalsmith I try to bring this sense of wonder to my work.

My interest in the "object within" naturally led to locket-making. I started making simple funerary lockets, and immediately was enthralled by the possibility of commemorating a life, a love, a relationship in an object which could be held in one's palm.

The objects on this site are not for sale. Intended as inspiration, I hope they will help you to see how common objects from a lived life can be made significant.

If you would like to discuss commissioning a reliquary locket or for more information, please contact me.

Laurie Boisvert